Designing a data structure (in this case the list)

Before you start designing your data structure it is a good idea to first stop and think about what you want to use it for. If you require a simple structure to store your data before applying a function to each element of data (also called mapping) you probably want to use a list. If …

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So, what are algorithms?

Algorithms are simply ways to describe how something is done. In the mathematical domain, this translates to theoretical mathematical functions and in programming, this translates to functions (most often) run by a computer. There are certainly other ways that algorithms could be explained but, in this course, we will focus on the ones used by …

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Intro (data structures and algorithms)

There are already a lot of different people out there that give great tutorials on how to practically create different data structures and algorithms in many different programming languages. As a few examples I could mention tutorialspoint, cprogramming and geeksforgeeks. Therefore my purpose with this tutorial is not to give yet another course in how …

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