Plans and staying in Finland

Life is not easy to predict. If you had asked me one year ago I would not have been able to even guess what would be about to happen during the year to come. I have studied in Finland, met numerous new friends, travelled trough Europe and met a fantastic girl. I’ve come to like Finland so much to the point where I’d like to try to stay here, work and just continue to see where life takes me.

During this month I’ve been taking care of many things. I’ve officially moved to Finland, taken care of some paperwork and been continuously looking for a job. Hopefully I’ll get something soon, but I recently had a great interview and then business opportunities at SHIFT2019. I’m trying not to set my hopes to high, but I got a good feeling about this.

Earlier this month me and my girlfriend also went to meet my family in Gothenburg. It was very nice and it was fun to let them all meet and to show her around in the city. Well she really liked it and is now looking forward to the next time we can go too. I’m happy about that.

Other than working hard with getting a job I’m also trying to realize some projects that I’ve been working on lately. My plans are to try to do some of the things that I’ve been thinking about in university, but didn’t feel that I had the time for. If I can make these things a reality it would not only feel quite nice, but in the best case maybe it could lead to a good side income.

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