On the way to Trento another train was cancelled, but it was easily fixed by buying a seat ticket for a high speed train, and I can only say that the customer service in Milano was very good. In Trento I met Stefano and later also his family. I felt very at home there and I must really salute the Italian hospitality. We mostly ate homemade food and it was some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. I also got to learn about a lot of new ingredients, common in the Italian kitchen but not in Sweden.

In Trento itself we watched different parts of the city and also the view from high up in the surrounding mountains. We drove around in a Fiat Panda and went to a beach party and to the beach. It was all a lot of fun! Since my friend also had exams the coming days we went to the library and to visit his university building in Trento. It was also very interesting to see and I found that the university has the same vibe as the one I used to go to in Sweden. I guess students are kind of the same all over the world!

Now my interrail adventure is soon to its end but first a short stop in Germany and Denmark! 😉

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