Traveling and reflection

While going between Italy and Germany I was traveling through Austria and I just had to show how beautiful it was.

I was also thinking about the trip as a whole. If I had to give some kind of award to each of the 4 main countries I’ve been to, what would it be? I concluded that:

  • Germany had the best beer in general, it also had the best party spirit in the Volksfest.
  • Belgium had my new favorite beer, and also the most breathtaking medieval experience.
  • France has the best city atmospheres and the most interesting stores.
  • Italy had the tastiest food and the most incredible landscapes.

All in all the interrail was one of the most epic experience I’ve had so far. It was all much thanks to the amazing friends that I made during Erasmus and also one other. My main purpose of this trip was to meet all of you and the rest was just a bonus, if you read this now I’d like to give a big thank you for everything! And my home is always open for you!

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