The way to Torino was quite long and since a train was cancelled I ended up having to take a FlixBus to get all the way. When I got there I was met up by Sergio. We then had approximately 2 days to explore Torino, but we had a high pace and were able to see a lot. I also got to eat a lot of Sergio’s home made food which was very delicious as always. We also tried ice cream and beer. One time we ate out at a place called Eataly. Despite the humorous name it was incredibly good.

I can really say that the city architecture and the churches were especially impressive. It was also interesting to see the markets and the for me very low prices of vegetables and market items. I could also see the different places in the city, both poor and rich and come to understand more how lucky people are to be born in good conditions. In general I really enjoyed Torino and would like to come back. I’d also very much like to see the Egyptian museum which I didn’t have time to see this time.

After this time it was time to go to Trento. Worth to mention is that both the way to Torino and from Torino to Trento was amazingly beautiful with a lot of mountains covering you from both sides. This sight is extremely impressive and breathtaking and should be seen by all at least once.

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