The end of an era

I now feel like I’m coming to terms with the end of Erasmus and being close to end with my school life. After the interrail adventure I’ve had time to meet at least almost all of my new friends. I’m happy that I did it so close to the end of Erasmus so it really felt very relevant. And it was nice to be able to get some kind of conclusion to that chapter in life. I look forward to keep in contact and meeting all of my new friends in the future. But now I’m also more than ever looking forward to really start finding a job and live that kind of life. Now I’m also beginning to think about other projects to start with.

The interrail adventure has now ended after spending 2 days Germany with my awesome friend Clara where I got to see Passau, the Venice of Germany. And 2 days in Copenhagen, where I met my parents and also went to Louisiana museum of modern art. I felt like it was very inspiring and I think I’ve got some ideas for some future projects. You’ll certainly here more about these in quite a close future! 😉

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