Ah Paris! As I entered the city I was immediately met by the sight of an enormous amount of people. The feeling of a true metropolis just hit me directly. As I went out and started to walk through the city I saw beautifully decorated and architected houses, gare du Nord was really beautiful as well. Since it was so warm I sat for a while in a small park and later I met up with my friend Noé.

We would then proceed to check out almost all of the important sites and monuments and buildings in just under 24 hours. You could say we did Paris in speed run mode. Even though we managed to see a lot we also had time to chill for a while, walk through and sit down in parks, drink some beer and wine (yes the French actually drink beer too!)

I found myself to be amazed all the time and seeing the famous sites in real life felt very cool indeed. I also became very aware of how much love that was pulsating through the city. Everywhere you could see couples holding hands, sitting on benches talking, laying in the grass or in some cases laying half on top of each other in the shadow under some tree. There was also a lot of fashion being seen everywhere, and of course everyone was clad for summer and perfumes could be sensed a little here and there.

After seeing Paris I went to Toulouse, which in my case meant traveling about 13 hours by train. It was not so bad though, I prepared with some food and bought an additional baguette at the midpoint train station. While traveling I just enjoyed the views, listened a lot to music and well finally wrote a bit on this blog. 😉

Now I’m in Toulouse and you’ll soon learn more about my stay here!

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