Love over borders

During my travels I’ve been able to meet a lot of different people. I’ve also been able to hear about how it’s going for some of the people I’ve not been able to meet. Something I realized was that among the Erasmus student (both old and young) there were several who had found love while being on an Erasmus. Even outside my group I got to hear about people who had found love in that way. Sometimes while abroad and sometimes understanding it a bit later as they got back or met on reunions.

One of these examples were Wards relative who met her boyfriend during Erasmus. They didn’t become a couple during it, but soon afterwards they had a reunion in which they became a couple. Another example comes from my own floor, one of my floor mates met one of the guys in my tutor group. I didn’t know about it at first, but they seem to have really hit it off. Now they meet (as far as I know) as much as they can, and their love seem to keep strong even over the borders. Another example is a dear French-Italian couple, also both from my floor. I hope the best for them, but they seem to be doing very well even now after the Erasmus is done. I also met other people with the same kind of stories.

For me the same has also happened, I met Mirka while being in Finland and after some time we became a couple. It was all very romantic and for me this just felt totally right, she just feels like the right one for me and makes me so happy.

By learning about all this love over the borders and also experiencing it myself, it makes me realize that there’s no telling where or with whom you’ll fall in love. And maybe this is one more (and perhaps one of the greatest) perks of studying abroad, where you go you might just find the one for you.

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