The second week of the interrail I went to Belgium, traveling together with my friend Ward. We traveled half of the way with train and then stayed the night at his relative. This was the first time I actually had to use my interrail since previously I’d been able to move around quite successfully without it. Although it felt a bit new to do it everything went fine.

After staying the night we travelled the rest of the way via car and then stopped at Wards parents place. I felt very taken care of while staying and it was nice to meet everyone. While there me and Ward went out to meet his friends in the youth movement, we went out to the neighboring city with his friend Ward (yes there’s now two Wards), and went to bars, ate ice cream and a lot more. It was a lot of fun!

The days after we met up with Laura and I would then spend some days with her too. We went to chill at her place and bathed in her really big pool. Then we went out to see Gent and Knokke which were two really cool cities, but in very different ways. Gent was so beautiful in an old fashioned way. There was a lot of old buildings, castles and churches. We went into the castle and listened to an audio tour which was very intriguing and funny. I also tried one of the best beers I’ve tried, the Tripel Triple. (Although I’ve got to say that both the German and Belgian beers have been generally very good so far.)

Knokke felt a bit more modern and had a lot of fancy stores and nice beaches. At Knokke I also had very big luck, I bought a really nice white t-shirt, then I found a shirt for offices or nice occasions. I talked with the owner of the store a while and it turned out we had a lot in common, after this talk I got 50% off on the shirt (there’s also a full story which I can tell on request). I was indeed very happy. The rest of the day there was also nice with ice cream and walking on the beach and drinking some beer and wine.

The next day we all went to Brussels which was also a really cool city. The presence of Europe felt very strong and there were both a lot of interesting statues and various historical sites to watch and also a lot of very modern looking houses.

The last day in Belgium I went to Brugge with Ward and one of his friends, who was kind enough to show us around in the city the whole day. Every spot in that city looked like a postcard and there were a lot of tourists everywhere. But still the city felt very bubbly and enjoyable. In the evening I attended a very nice barbecue at Laura’s place and the next day it was time to go to Paris!

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