So approximately 1 week has passed since I started my interrail. I’ve spent these days mostly in Germany but I also took a day trip to Salzburg in Austria. It has been amazing so far. I’ve been staying with Martin and his family and you can’t really wish for a better host.

Day 1

The first days almost all of my German (and One Belgian) friends visited, and among other things celebrated Martin’s birthday and went to the local Volksfest. This was an amazing day and it was a party that you felt the urge to come back to in the future. (I also memorized the song “ein prosit”, which is very important).

Day 2

The second day we all went on a chill day with some sightseeing and mini golf in Seeon. It was a very cool mini golf spot with a lot of cool tracks, for example a long shot one. I can proudly say that I got the best score, although it was all just for fun. Later I had a cherry-flavor ice cream which was insanely good, I hope to find the same kind as I return after interrail. The day ended with some food and then saying goodbye to some of our group who already had to go back home.

Day 3

The third day we went to Salzburg in Austria. This was a very cool trip and there were a lot of fantastic views and great beer there. We walked around a lot and just took in the different sights. I also lit a candle in the Dom zu Salzburg for my grandparents on my mother’s side. The day ended with some Apfelstrudel and just relaxing.

Day 4

On the fourth day it was only me and Ward and Martin left. We decided to just take it easy since it had been quite a lot happening the last days and we had more plans for the coming ones. We went to the beach and just relaxed and swam in the water, which since it was well over 30 degrees in the air was quite warm as well. We just chilled the rest of the day and that was a wise decision.

Day 5

On the fifth day we went up a 1674m high mountain. It was a long walk and it was very hot outside, but fortunately we had a lot of water and the trees provided shadow parts of the way. At first we were looking up, seeing mostly trees but also the tips of the mountains that felt like they were quite a bit away. But as we got higher up we could also start to look down and see the distance that way too. And as we got to the top we were greeted with an amazing view from all directions. Mountaintops in layers made out one of the most spectacular view. I saw the lake from afar, vast fields and small small buildings. I even saw ice in the middle of the summer at the tips of the mountains. At the tip I also had a weissbier as a sign of concurring the mountain. We went down again and got home extremely tired. The tiredness of my legs then remained until the end of the week.

Day 6

On the sixth day we went to Munich. There we went on a free city tour with an American guide that despite the intense heat had an amazing energy. This day it was insanely hot almost reaching 40 degrees during the day. But we went into the shade as much as possible and drank a lot of water which made it feel fine. The city itself was very beautiful with spectacular buildings. After the tour we went to a beer garden in which I had some traditional food and a radler.

Day 7

This last day we went by ferry to a castle. We only checked out the front and walked around the garden. But this part alone was spectacular and fairy tale like. I can just imagine how a 1800s person would’ve felt when seeing the extravagant fountains. We drank one last radler together, I bought a hat in the souvenir shop and then after some food shopping Ward and I said goodbye to Martin and thanked for his hospitality. We then went to Karlsruhe where we did a first stop before going to Belgium.

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