First day of the Interrail journey

Due to some issues with finding seating tickets for parts of the day trip my journey begins with a flight to Münich! This is quite the last resort since I was planning to take the train from the start, but it’s not something I regret. A famous quote states that you learn as long as you live, and this is very much true for me. This time I take the plane and the next time I do an interrail I’ll book tickets earlier.

Going by plane is something I really enjoy though. Outside the clouds looks like a winter wonderland or a big cotton blanket.

When I arrive in Münich I’ll meet up with some friends and go by car together to Martin whom I’ll stay at for a few days forward. I’m so happy to have such nice friends and I look forward to seeing them. This evening will probably mostly be about talking and catching and celebrate this reunion.

Right now I’m going by car with Tami, Hugo and Ward and since the highway was closed we drive by the small roads through small villages. It’s very cool and each village has a sign about their own respective fests. Tomorrow the plan is to celebrate Martin’s birthday and see the fest of his village.

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