Week 35-39 in Finland – Erasmus coming to an end

This blog post came a few weeks after it all ended. It was so much that happened the last month, packing to be done, people leaving one by one with heartbreaking speeches, me meeting a very pretty girl and spending time with her (which would eventually result in us becoming a couple) and the whole realization that Erasmus was in it’s final stage. For me it was not only Erasmus, sure I’ll have a few things to finnish before I’m all done with school, but in principle this ending was also the end of the whole university life for me. Well I’m not really sad about that fact, lately I’ve been feeling more and more that I’ve had enough of studies and would like to work instead anyways. I’m imagining that I’ll have more time to do other things that I’ve not felt the time or enough inner peace to do for a while. For example reading a few books, trying to create some webpages or apps or write some stories and just relax a bit more on the free time after work.

Right now I’m back at my parents place in Gothenburg. I sit under a tent and enjoy the sun as I type on the blog. Next to me is a book about traveling by train in Europe, full of handy tips about both the traveling aspects and also about traveling routes and destinations. In my case I don’t have to think too much about the destinations, my goal is to visit a lot of my new friends from the time of the Erasmus, and one from previous master studies in Sweden. Due to my current finances I’ll have to settle with one month of traveling and I’ll be with visiting Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. Although I plan to visit friends in other countries sometime in the future as well (albeight not this year).

This is one of the reasons why I’m not totally devastated by the end of Erasmus, I already know that I’ll meet a lot of the people again soon. I’m also sure that if it’s meant to happen we’ll meet each other many more times on reunions over the years. Something I’m also thinking about is to start writing more letters. I was discussing with my mother about the fact that it’s much more fun and personal to recieve and write letters and it’s such a shame that it’s not done as much anymore. Maybe I should try to write my friends more letters. We’ll see but I think it’s a good idea.

So to give a conclusion to the year as a whole I think that this Erasmus experience has been one of the best experiences in my life. I’ve met so many people that’ve come to mean a lot to me. I’ve learned so much, especially about different cultures, how to live together with a lot of different people and also a lot about Finland and the culture in Turku. For me this journey has foremost been about a cultural and personal growth, and I really think I’ve achieved this goal.

Some of the things that will stick with me forever are the many different accents I’ve heard, customs of people from different countries, the friendliness and utter awesomeness of the people I’ve met, many words I’ve learned (especially German ones), drink recipes from the many drinks I’ve made during pre-parties and events, pasta recipes and some cooking skills, and so much more. There are a lot of memories from this year, at least enough to fill a whole book (hmmm…).

This concludes the NISS/Erasmus year. The next step for me (and this blog) will be the Europe trip which I’ll do via interrail (traveling internationally via train). This journey you’ll be able to follow on this blog, so stay tuned for that! 🙂

And now for some last images from the year…

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