The interrail adventure

Just as the Erasmus adventure was beginning about a year ago, now my next adventure is on it’s way. This will differ from the Erasmus journey in some core ways, this will be much more concentrated and intense and there is another type of planning and preparation involved. So far I’ve wanted to keep the planning to a minimum, only making sure that I have somewhere to sleep and that the interrail card and tickets are taken care of. The rest of the trip will be very spontaneous, all I know is that I’ll make sure to meet a lot of the friends that I met during the Erasmus experience (and one more).

I’m also doing some additional preparations of a more materialistic kind. I’ve bough a new bag which is made for carrying over larger distances and which is a bit bigger than a normal bag for bringing everything needed. I’ve bought a tiny laptop (which is the one I’m writing on right now) to be able to do some blogging and writing on the go. I’ve also bought Necronomicon — the best weird tales of H.P. Lovecraft to read on the go. My plan is to also get some small battery for charging my phone on the go if needed. Except for this I of course also have all the necessities such as a water bottle, clothes, 3 in 1 schampo/soap, face wash, deodorant etc. I’ve gotten a very handy book from my mother as an early birthday gift which explains in detail some other things to bring and what to think about before going.

I feel more and more excited about going and not at all anxious, as might’ve been normal. But I guess these feelings still have time to emerge later, probably just before I’m about to go. It’s just a few days left until I’ll go, before that some more preparations will be done and I’ll also have time to both celebrate my birthday which is in just 3 days and also go on a concert with my awesome friend Markus (looking forward to this a lot).

But this was it for now, since this journey will be much more intense than Erasmus, the idea is to write more often (I’ll aim on at least weekly) than I’ve done during my year in Finland. So we’ll see how it goes with that.

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