Week 31-34 in Finland

Oh so the time flies when you’re having fun. It’s now been yet another month filled with so much happening, and now there’s merely a month left to my exchange in Finland. But this might not be the end of the adventure after all.


This month has had many different phases. First I was stressing out a lot about my studies, since I due to several reasons felt like I would not be able to complete them on time. The reason of which I have to say mainly comes from studying for too long and feeling unable to motivate myself to work even though I know I should. Six years in university is a long time and I feel like I’m just longing to start to work for real. But I’m firmly decided on completing my studies and I’m not so concerned about being a little late on my completion date. As I was discussing this with a friend once I came up with something I think I’ll hold on to: “I think being a bit late with your studies is in fact a good sign, at least if you can show that you learned or did something of additional value besides your studies during this time.” In school we learn our subjects but it’s on the side of school that we perhaps work extra, do voluntary activities, learn additional skills or go through personal growth through relationships, travels or changing living conditions. This will give you such an increased breadth and depth of character so I believe it more than makes up for a little extra time of study programme completion.


So what’s been going on? Well as I said there has been many phases this month. The primary phase was me frantically trying to work and get stuff done. But I’ve had time for some other activities as well.

One of the most fun things that happened this month was that my family visited! We went to several different museums, to the galleria, ate at several different of my favorite restaurants and overall just had a great time talking with and meeting each other. We also went to the Mumin world at Naantali which we all liked. Me and my brother also went out to party one day and saw the musical Lés Miserables which I must say was very good!

There was also at last time for a barbeque, this is something that have been mentioned for a long time amongst my friends and now it finally happened. It was so nice to just sit outside and grill over a fire and eat together. Hopefully there will be time for another one before everyone is leaving. After the barbecue we just chilled at some of my German friends’ apartment and played some games. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Something else that happened of major importance was the release of Avengers Endgame. I went there with a several from my friend group to see the end and since it’s been quite some time since it was released I should perhaps be able to give a review, but since I really don’t want to spoil for anyone I’ll just say my general response “just go and see it”.

I also went to the theater with a friend. This was also a great experience and I think the actors of the play held a very high quality. The play itself was called Främlingen (“the stranger”) and had a lot of great themes incorporated into it. The main plot was about a military man which wants to help his friend by letting him live in a remote cabin since his wife is sick and he’s taking it very bad. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk with anyone and a brilliant idea lights up to the military man. Through some unfortunate events the friend has to pretend to be from a strange land and not know the language. This in turn leads to some rather interesting (and as the story goes on rather sinister) revelations. The story was very good and the execution hilarious leading to many laughs while still getting through important messages about society.

Then there was Vappu or Valborg. Over two days I celebrated with friends, drank some champagne, beer and wine, listened to choirs and different kinds of music, hung out at Vårdberget and in the evening at the newly opened sky bar in Åbo. This was really fun and I had the opportunity to spend time with several of my Finnish and Finn-Swede friends as well as my friends among the exchange students. The mood was very good and since there had just been several days of good weather (with rain only coming at the end of the second day), people seemed extra happy and in the mood to celebrate the coming of the spring.

Last month

This was many of the things but not all that happened this month, but more about this will come in its own blog post later. Right now I can just say that the feeling that there’s just about a month left to this experience has me completely stunned. It has been a year but it feels like the time has went by extremely fast. But as I think back to the many events that’s happened I can still appreciate the amount of time that I’ve actually spent here, but nevertheless the feeling of the time coming to an end is still very present. What I know is that I’ll try to make the most out of the last month now and then see what happens in the future.

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