Week 26-30 in Finland

The latest month a lot of things have happened. There have been many parties, sitz (including a great Harry Potter sitz), a lot of different kinds of food (both homemade and from restaurants), awesome beerpong tournaments, a lot of movie nights.

I’ve also visited Turku Castle with Laura and some other friends, which was a great experience. It was truly enormous and I can recommend to either dedicate a whole day or two different days if you really want to go through all of it. If you’re following me on instagram you might’ve already seen some of these images before, but if you are not then following me there will allow you to get some more information between the posts on this blog!

There was also the pulka event which I attended with Erica and which was very fun. The pulkas themselves were very interesting with a lot of different colored smoke coming out, themes being displayed and in once instance also a small play being conducted. Since there wasn’t so much snow the pulkas were driven with wheels or was carried.


During this last month my neighbour and friend Stefano had his birthday. This was combined with a beerpong tournament and I think it all resulted in a great celebration.


Apart from all this there has been so many dinners and makings of food! There has been Belgian dinners, Italian dinners, French dinners and I’ve also held a Swedish dinner with homemade meatballs, mashed potatoes and real cream sauce. For even more images of food (such as when I made greek inspired food or entrecote stakes) follow my instagram @sebbestune .

Apart from all the food on my floor I’ve also made some indian food with Laura, Klara and DK. This was really interesting, but I have to say that some of the indian food was a bit to spicy for my taste. But the majority of the food I’ve tasted so far has been very tasty.

Another very interesting thing that happened the last month was ice swimming and sauna in Ruissalo. This was a very fun experience and I can say that even though it was very cold it was not unbearingly cold in any way (although I might be one of the few to say so in this case).

All of these activities have been great, but apart from that much time has also has to go into studying. The last days I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to study with a new friend who I met at the friendship sitz a while ago. This works very well and apart from the studies many fikas and fun and interesting discussions has been had.

Together with some other people we also went to listen to some live bands which were really cool! There were many interesting concepts going on at the stage, but I especially liked the last rock band (the third video).

Now, that’s probably most of the things that happened the last month. But some other (very) noteworthy things were that some of my german friends from last semester came to visit! This was very fun and after this I really long for when I will be able to visit everyone this summer! Both new and old friends alike.

My two german visitors in the middle 

Another noteworthy mention is that I got to experience the last day/week of Julia and Olivia at the exchange student office. Julia has been an intern there and Olivia while not going far will transfer to another part of the institution. I can still remember the start of my first period vividly and my dear exchange coordinators (Olivia and Anna) were a big part of the great greeting I got when I first got here. I feel very glad to have happened to appear at this event, even though I’m sure I’ll meet them more in the future as well.

Now the snow is beginning to fade and the spring is starting to come, even though snow is continuously coming back, it’s staying shorter and shorter each time. By now the general temperature during the days are warm enough to almost lose the jacket. This feels really great since soon the grass and leaves will return and I’ve missed them during the long winter.

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