Realizing it’s soon over

Studying at the university has been a major part of my life for such a long time. I’ve studied in many cities, gone through many phases of my life, met wonderful people who in some cases have played a big part in forming me to who I am today. During my studies, the studies themselves were, of course, important, but even more, important (at least to me) were all the extra activities that I’ve been doing in parallel with my studies.

My first year of university was an exciting time, everything was new, I met many new friends, I was quite active in the program association, the courses and the new way of thinking and doing things were all exciting. During the year I got very impressed by my lab assistants and supervisors and wanted to be one myself. I reached out and at the start of my second year I became a supervisor and lab assistant and during the following years of studies, I had this role in parallel with my studies at almost all times. I really loved this role and I’d like to think that I did quite a good job at it and that most of my students really liked me and found my way of teaching helpful. Quite frankly I think this experience taught me just as much as my students.

It wasn’t always easy, sometimes things happened in life or some other issue made some courses take longer than expected. But everything has two sides and because of this, I took another kind of courses then I had planned from the start. After several years of only IT and maths, I took some courses in text design, web design and sketching (amongst other courses). These courses would come to alter my way of thinking and in my eyes helped me to significantly improve in all facets of life; in explaining clearly, conveying messages, show ideas, and even produce better IT and math solutions.

Other extra activities that I was a part of were, for example, university days where the school showed different programs for potential students. Here I represented the computer science program and talked with students. I did a lot of this kind of small tasks and enjoyed just being a part of the whole thing. I’m also usually very extroverted and enjoyed being able to socialize and help out in this kind of situations.

Now as you have been able to read on this blog I’ve been doing my last year of studies in Åbo Akademi Universitet in Finland. This has been full of wonderful times, interesting courses, a lot of new friends throughout all of Europe (and also USA, Canada, Mexico…), I’ve been tutored and I’ve had the possibility to be a tutor, I’ve gone to extra activities in university and also a lot of extra activities outside of it (sitz, parties etc.). It has been such a wonderful time and something I’ll never forget.

But now it’s soon over and it’ll be time to start working, this is a very good thing but like all things it has two sides, I’ll miss this student life a lot. I felt like writing this text after starting to see a lot of emails asking for “tutors next year”, “lab assistants next year” etc. makes it hurt in my chest because this will not be my life next year. At the same time, I’m looking forward to starting working and see what that part of life will have to offer. I’m also happy for all the new friends I’ve made and I’m sure that we’ll continue to meet whenever possible and organize reunions in the future.

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