Time to avanza

I’ve been discussing with some of my friends about start trading with stocks and fonds. Today I finally took the step and bought a few stocks and started a small monthly saving spread onto some different fonds. Hopefully this will help the money grow over time and allow me to more easily buy an apartment or house when that time comes. Some of the savings might also be allocated for when it’s time to go into pension even though that’s not my primary concern right now.

I have to say that the setup and trading was much easier than I suspected. Now it’s just a matter of waiting and keep an eye on the development in the long run. Hopefully the money will grow a lot bigger over the years and otherwise I’ll just have to look into how to replace them. This first period will be a time to learn how to work in this new environment, but I would say that I so far rather like it. The economics point of view is not something that I’ve been dealing with a lot as a programmer, and the new theories and phrasing I’m exposed to is rather intriguing.

So to all you who are thinking about trying this out I think that you should really give it a go! Start small and don’t put all your money into it until you have a really good idea about what you’re doing. But to just try it out and maybe start a small monthly saving in some recommended fonds is something I recommend to everyone.

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