Have you heard about Dark Reunion?

So I’ve just finished watching all of the currently available episodes of a series called Saiki. K. One of my dear friends recommended it to me and I’m really glad that I got to hear about it. In this series, we follow the life of a boy with psychic powers, but a lot of focus is also given to the characters he hangs around with. For me personally, the stories around and the choices made by all the characters is the true reason to watch it. I could really relate to some of them and many of them are in fact really likable or entertaining (or both), even if it’s not the case for all of them. I would very much like to recommend this series to anyone who has not seen it. Additionally, I believe that there’s a lot to learn or at least some people to relate to in this anime. It is also an anime which can help you feel better if you’re feeling a bit down

So go and watch it!

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