Week 15-17 in Finland and Winter Holidays

So now the end of the year has been upon us, and the new year has just started. As the last year has come to a close it’s time to celebrate what has been and to also look forward to what is to come.This first half-year in Finland has been really intense and full of new experiences and I’ve gained a lot of friends whom I will surely meet again in the future! During the last 2 weeks in Finland, a lot of activities were initiated by my floormates and it was a lot of interesting farewell dinners and parties going on. The mood was sad but at the same time very grateful. I’m at least sure that these connections that have happened during this autumn period will last for the rest of our lives.

Looking at the Lord of the Rings
Ivan and me
Ivan, Clara and Sergio
Looking at the Lucia celebration
A lot of snow during December
The last Beerpong tournament
Neighbors and their Finnish flags
Dinner with my great neighbors
Games with huge cards
Me and Nathalie
Out partying the last week
Out partying the last week

During the last 4 days of my Finland fall period I was a tutor for Swedish high school students. This was a fun experience since I got to see even more of the campus, even places where I had not really thought of before. I also had the opportunity to tell the students about my experiences and help out where I could. I was also interviewed in a newspaper (Åbo Underrättelsetjänster) which was really cool.

Me in the newspaper

After the last two weeks in Finland, I went to my family in Gothenburg to celebrate Christmas and new years eve. It was a very calm Christmas with only my parents and little brother celebrating most of the time. Nevertheless, I did meet my grandparents as well which I really enjoyed. Other than that it was very calm, a few walks, a lot of talking and I met one of my best friends Markus. New years eve I’ll celebrate by going to the opera with my family and drink some champagne and watch the fireworks. This has become a bit of a tradition since we did this some year before as well.

Christmas in Gothenburg
My parents fireplace
Christmas foods
Traditional Disney TV show
Out walking in a park in Gothenburg
Walking in the park in Gothenburg
Baking gingerbread cookies
Some nice cookies
Visiting grandmother
Walking through Gothenburg
Walking through Gothenburg
Me and Markus

So this was it for this year. Hopefully, you too had a great year and will continue to keep up with this blog through 2019 as well! I’m sure there will be a lot of new adventures and cool things happening then. I also wish you a late happy new year!

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