Week 11-14 in Finland

TL;DR: The last month in a summary

The last month has been a hectic one. It has been full of interesting events both on the personal and the academic plane. There have been developments on the master thesis work, I’ve been in contact with the marketing coordinator of Åbo Akademi to discuss further exchange between Sweden and Finland, I’ve presented a speech about going abroad at an international afternoon event. At the same time, there has been a lot of fun going on at the personal plane as well. There has been some great parties, beer pong tournaments and movie nights. Since the last days of the year are approaching fast it feels sad to soon have to say goodbye to many great friends that I’ve met during this first part of the exchange, but it’s not really a goodbye but a “see youlater”. To use the time in a good way these last days there have been a lot more coffees and socialization in the kitchen, big dinners, and potlucks.

Speaking about internationalization

So when it comes to academic matters there has been stuff going on both initiated by the university and by my own advances. I got in touch with the marketing coordinator of Åbo Akademi and even though I’ll not tell you too much now (there’s more to come next blog entry), I can tell you that I’ll soon try to inspire high school students to consider Åbo Akademi as their future university. This is a part of a collaboration between Sweden and Finland and I look forward to being some kind of middle hand and representative with the broader view of how it is to do a similar journey like the one I’ll market to the students. I think what I look forward to with this task is to be able to project my perspective on why it’s such a good thing to do this kind of journey.

Last week I was tasked to present a speech as a part of the international afternoon. There I presented myself and my rather short journey but also the importance of taking a step out of your comfort zone and all the great experiences you’ll gain by doing so. As a part of my speech, I also promoted Mälardalen University as a great place to go, a statement which I truly believe in, but the most important thing is that you go somewhere where you really want to go.

Me during the presentation during the international afternoon

Master thesis process

The robot at Jokojo

The master’s thesis is proceeding as planned. I’ve started to write more and searching for additional literature the recent weeks and had more meetings with my supervisor at Jokojo. In the image you can see the robot I’ll work with more in the future. When it comes to the other courses at the university they are still very interesting, but I feel like the many years at university are getting to me a bit. The work is still going at a slow and steady pace but after an invigorating Christmas holiday, I’m sure I’ll be able to complete all the courses quickly and then start working more solely on the thesis work.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

This movie was really great and I actually went to it two times! Once with Erica and some of her friends and once with my floormates and some of their friends. The movie was amazing and I have a lot of different ideas to what could happen in the next movie, about plots I think or hope will happen and some other information that I can’t really write here without giving away spoilers about the movie. Instead, I can just tell you to watch it and then discuss further with me in private. 😉 

One other cool effect of going two times was that I experienced different kinds of cinemas. The difference could really be felt and they were both really good in different ways. In one of them,the seating was quite luxurious, but this could be due to the movie airing in the fanciest room. The other had a variety of refreshments to buy and eat or drink during the movie. It was also smaller but instead cozier.

And then there was foood!

There was a lot of food made this month. As an example, I made meatballs with mashed potatoes and the true brown sauce. It was delicious, to say the least and everybody who tasted it loved it. There were also days with baking or cooking a lot of other different dishes. On the recommendation of Ivan, we also found a really great Mexican place. I had previously had a hard time enjoying such food but I really found the food at this place utterly delicious! As the last day of the semester is soon upon us, my floor are doing a lot of activities together, one of these being a potluck. There was a lot of great food and everyone chipped in with something.


Of course, there was also a beer pong tournaments. One went really well and I ended up in finals. The second time didn’t go as well, but even though I didn’t get to final that time I still won a personal goal by winning against two persons I had so far never won against. It was also a lot of fun just to be playing and having a good time with everyone.

I tried to get into a few sitz but unfortunately,I was too late and didn’t get a spot, but there’ll be more of that next semester. There were also a few parties, but the last weeks I’ve been focusing quite a bit at schoolwork, and between going to the cinema and socializing with friends there has not been much time for going out on parties as well. This will change a bit as the final weeks draws near and people feel the urge to goout a few more times before going home.

Visit from Sweden

During the start of December, my girlfriend (update: as of the start of 2019 ex-girlfriend) came visiting with her friend Mia. We checked out the city, went out shopping, looked at the city which was filled with Christmas decorations and also went to the Christmas market. There we tried the muikku which is a small fish, I thought it tasted quite alright.

This was most of the major points from this month, even though a lot of interesting things happen all the time. Some examples being awesome movie nights with my friend Erica, regular coffee brakes and socialization with my neighbours and Super Mario Bros 3 and Doctor Mario gaming sessions.

One of the greatest games ever!

So until next time!


  1. Love to read your blog/essays. Words are flowing. New words like e.g.”potluck” appearing. What may it imply? I haven’t got a clue, mind starts spinning. Must check. Long too meet you my loved son. Already is to long to wait. But I have to manage until Christmas. Love you dad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! A potluck is basically a “knytkalas” and everyone brings a bit of food or dessert and then share during (in this case) a long dinner. I long to come back as well. See you soon! Love, Sebastian.


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