8th – 10th week in Finland

So this has been 3 long weeks, and even though I thought that I should have more time to write, the last 3 weeks have been even more intense than I could have imagined. It has happened so much and it is thus first now that I even find some time to write it all down. The 8th week was a super intense study week, almost every day I did nothing but study all the time. I finalized reports and worked on projects before their deadline. Unfortunately I also became sick just before this week and the long days and evenings I had to study didn’t in any way help the sickness go away. The constant stress made the sickness stick longer than it should have (but fortunately it eventually passed nevertheless).


At the end of the week, I went with some friends to a Halloween party to celebrate that the end of this intense study week had come to an end (most people had some kind of project or exam to do this week). My neighbor and friend Alex did the face paint to make me look like a skeleton and I think it turned out really well! After socializing with my floormates a while I later went to Erica to watch Harry Potter (third movie) and have a drinking game before going to the Börs party later. It was a lot of people going there and the queue was long but soon enough we got inside and met most of the other floormates who were already there.

The week after (9th week) started with a Halloween sitz which I had agreed to go to earlier the previous week. It was a lot of fun as it usually is during a sitz, this Sitz had quite a lot of Finnish songs which was quite interesting and I sang along best I could even though I don’t really know the meaning of the songs. I really have to learn a bit more Finnish! A few days later there was also a Harry Potter themed party at Vegas and I couldn’t really miss that. Most (if not all) of my neighbors are also big Harry Potter fans and we went there as a big group and had a lot of fun ( even though there were few who were dressed as any Harry Potter related at the party in my opinion ).

The rest of the week also had a lot of stuff going on. We celebrated Wards birthday, resulting in the cake and a lot of people socializing, which was really fun. Then I went a few days to Västerås to meet my girlfriend. It was really nice to just be able to spend some time together and we mainly just took it easy and went shopping and watched some series. Later during the weekend we also attended the Swedish Kåren Halloween party (and mandatory pre-party at my friend’s apartment). It was really fun and in my mind a very successful Halloween party.

This last week has been a bit slower, but still, I have enough to do to keep me busy all day long with studies. But I’ve also finally been able to slow down a little bit and play some Bang (a dice game) with friends and watch Sherlock season 3 (and soon 4) with Erica. She also showed me how to do a really cool Cardistry move which I try to practice on while studying. It’s still very much a work in progress but I might be able to show it off soon when I get the hang of it.

Playing Bang with some friends

So next week I’ll try to post the blog post already on sunday, but by now I know that I can’t really promise anything. There’s just so much going on. But know that you’ll get an update sooner or later! Until next time! 🙂

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