7th week in Finland

This week has mostly been about studying and getting better from some kind of a cough that I’ve managed to get. There are deadlines on big projects coming up and I’ve so far been tirelessly been working to get it all done. So far I think I’ve been doing good but there’s still stuff left to do even for week 8, so not until after the projects have been finalized much will happen.

The only exception this week has been the Finland sitz which was really great. There was a lot of singing and talking and games and drinking and generally just a good mood and socialization. The sitz was targeted at international students and all of our tutors. A lot attended which was fun to see. During the sitz, some very Finnish foods were brought to the table and it was very interesting to taste it all, even though I as a Swede has tasted most of it before.

Going to the Finnish sitz

Apart from that, there has been much socialization with my awesome neighbors in the kitchen. Some kind of mixed Halloween and Christmas feelings has also started to enter the house. We’ve been discussing different things and even though everyone is stressed about their studies we still find time to sit down and eat together frequently. I think this is one of the core parts of why I really enjoy studying abroad.

I’ve also been shown a song that I think is one of the best I’ve heard. This is truly genius. You can take a listen to it here:

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