6th week in Finland

It’s now the 6th week in Finland and suddenly I can really feel that the autumn has come. It’s beginning to get colder in general, the leaves have shifted color and started to fall, and everyone seems to be increasingly more busy with university assignments and exam preparations. During this week the tempo has in many ways felt like it’s slowing down just a bit. I’ve been mostly at work with different studies but have also been able to pay for a Finnish sitz, discussed details about the thesis work in Jokojo and been to a Fantasy sitz at Nyländska Nationen (NN).

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The sitz att NN was extremely fun and I really enjoyed attending it. The theme I went with was a knight and I think that even though I didn’t really have the time or money to put on a costume it turned out quite fine. During the sitz, I saw a lot of people with different interesting costumes, talked about everything and nothing, sang a lot of songs and had a really good time.


So that was it for this week since the rest has mainly been about me going to laundry, shopping food and doing lots and lots of homework. During week 7 there will be the Finnish sitz so I look forward to that.

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