4th and 5th week in Finland

So now it’s been aproximately two weeks since my last blog post. This is due to a lot of stuff happening and that when I finally found time to write last week I decided that it was a little too far into the week. Therefore you now get this two-week special issue blog post instead! 🙂

During the 4th week in Finland, I went to the rector’s dinner. It was quite nice and there were both speakers holding speeches and a lot of good food and wine. There was also a moment of thanking our tutors for their great work and they have really done a fantastic job. I must also give a special thanks to my tutor for being very nice and welcoming.

The food during the rectors dinner

The rest of the week was a lot about studying, there was a beer pong tournament that I, unfortunately, could not attend since I really had to do some work then. But as you’ll learn I’d have another chance later. At the end of the week, I went to Västerås. On my way there I traveled by a cruise ship by day, and it really felt like a long trip but it was ok nevertheless. In Västerås, I spent some time with my girlfriend and we mainly just chilled and watched movies and went shopping and ate a lot of different nice foods. After this relaxing weekend, I went back to Finland, this time at night. On the way back home I decided to stock up with some alcohol so I wouldn’t need to buy the quite expensive ones in the stores. I ended up buying quite a lot, but with the intention to make it last quite a while as well.

One of my favorite restaurant chains
The cruise ship I traveled with

After getting back I attended two different Octoberfest. First one in a club which was really nice. Everybody embodied the spirit of Octoberfest and a few people even wore some traditional attires. The second Octoberfest was a part of the second beer pong tournament! This time I took part and actually came all the way to the finals where I sadly ended up as a close second. But this was a really cool experience and I really hope there will be more parties like this in the future.

Overall with about 1/3 of the patches sewn on and the rest glued (so far)
Beerpong tournament
Beerpong tournament

During the week I’ve also sown on a lot of patches on my overall, and one of my good neighbors Sergio helped me to sew on some additional ones as well. The overall was then used in the first Octoberfest mentioned before and will, of course, be used a lot more in the future. So I’ll have to keep sewing on the rest of the patches. The rest of the week has been quite slow with most of the focus on studying. During the coming week there’s a lot to look forward to (such as sitz where the overall will surely be used), but this you’ll learn more about in the next blog post.

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