2nd week in Finland

This week started out with me getting sick, it was not too bad but I coughed for several days and I didn’t attend any parties for this period. But my classes started and since I didn’t want to miss the first lectures I went to them anyway. The courses feel like they’re going to be very interesting. Right now I’m taking 3 different courses, one called the development of server-side web services, in which we’ll among other things use python and Django to create a basic eBay-clone. One called experimentation in computer science and engineering, in which we’ll learn how to create a good experiment and experiment report. Lastly, I also take the master thesis seminar, in which we get help with getting started with the master’s thesis and learn a bit more about how to write it in a good way and in it I will also have a presentation.

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But it hasn’t been all study this week either. I’ve been to one party (after getting healthy), I’ve been to Gigantti which is a really big electronics store in which I found a really great display to a really good price (it’s a 2K display so games look amazing and different internet tabs and programs can easily fit side by side when working). I’ve been washing my clothes for the first time here and it was an adventure all in its own. We only get 1.5 hours and the washing place was located in the attic of a house far away. But it was fine in the end and all the clothes were both clean and dry after only 1.5 hours. I’ve also gotten my student overalls (yaay!), I have been thinking for a long time which to get but I ended up deciding to get the ESN one, which is one particularly targeted for exchange students. I feel like I’ve really connected with my exchange buddies and therefore this overall felt like the obvious choice. I’ve also been to a lot of fairs this week where overall patches has been given or sold and I’m happy to say that I’ve collected quite a few so far.

Apart from that I’ve been hanging out in the kitchen and I’ve especially been socializing with German people, and I must say that they’re a very cool people. Just wanting to relax and discuss things and drink beer (and sometimes drinks that I’ve made which has so far been really appreciated).

Some of the drinks I made

During the Sunday was the Turku-days in which there were a lot of people and a little market in the street. Museums were open so I, my tutor and some other people we know went to the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum and art gallery. It was really cool and had a lot of history about Åbo and a story of how it was to live there hundreds of years ago. There was also contemporary art about how we interpret masculinity in the current day and age, there was also a lot of traditional art which was very cool.

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After the museum, the week ended with fireworks in the evening. It was quite spectacular and even though a few complained that it was short I think it was magnificent. A few pictures that I was able to take will follow and the video of the fireworks only show a small portion of it.


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