Now living in Finland!

Okay so maybe I’ve been living here for one week already, but it has been so much going on so that I’ve not really had the time to sit down and write about the days until now. My first week here has summarily consisted of traveling here, going to a lot of daytime activities where different parts of the university have been explored and seminars been held. On the evenings there has been a lot of activities, either ice-breaker where I’ve met a lot of interesting people or games or pub rounds or parties.

So far I’m having a really great time and even though the courses haven’t officially started yet (they will start during the next week), I still have some major perks to tell to anyone who’s considering studying here.

  1. The atmosphere in the city is amazing, the student culture is really strong here in Turku and you can see students wearing their student overalls with pride almost anywhere.
  2. There is a relaxed mentality to most things and you never really have to panic about anything since you get great help to understand or fix any situation. Which was especially good in my case as an Erasmus+ and NISS student.
  3. There are school lunches which cost 2.6€ and which taste really good! I’ve not seen this anywhere else and I believe that this is a really good thing.
  4. Exchange students are dearly welcomed by a tutor which help you get into the university studies and aid you in different ways. My tutor is, in fact, the nicest person and has bared with me when I’m asking about everything and nothing.
  5. The atmosphere is such that if you live in a building with the shared kitchen it’s easy to meet new people and so far I’ve already gotten quite a few friends.
  6. The parties and pubs are really great and so much fun, especially when you start to recognize a lot of people and can hang out with them and speak about whatever.

So these were some of my initial thoughts about Turku, the more studies related thoughts will be given in a later post. But I can already tell that this will be an extremely rewarding experience. And now for some photos of the first week in Turku! 😉

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