I got a house in Finland!

This week I got some really good news. I applied for housing and only a few days later I got an offer for a small apartment with a shared kitchen. To be honest there could not really be a better kind of living to be had for me. It will allow me to come in contact with and hopefully befriend the people I’m living with. I’ll be able to socialize every day and since everyone who lives in that building comes from somewhere just like me we will all have something in common. I think that if I had gotten a standard apartment it would not have been easy to get many acquaintances. So I’m really happy about the fact that it is at least a partly shared living space, and I even get my own bathroom so essentially the best of both worlds!

The housing is also really close to both the school and the city which means that I can either walk or buy a bicycle to get around. This will allow me to save some expenses which might have other been required to get around. I think that the more central you live the easier it will be, at least in this situation. Something more that is really great is that the total cost of rent and wifi etc. will be significantly lower than the amount I’m paying for my current apartment, and I will get about the same amount of space as well!

If you want to know more about the process to apply for housing you can read more at TYS website, write a comment or send me a question! I’ve got a lot to do but I’ll try to reply as soon as I can!

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