Sometimes even games for mobile phones can be good, especially if it’s a Harry Potter game!

So I’ve just found a great game to play on the go. The (still kind of new I guess) Harry Potters wizarding world game! Just like most other games for the phone you’ll have to wait and click a lot, and if you’re impatient you can buy progress. But even if you don’t do that I think that so far this is a great game to play even without paying anything. As long as you play with moderation and allow it to take some time you’ll be fine.

So what is the gameplay all about? In the game you create a character and give it a name. This first part is very much like “the sims”. Then you’ll get your stuff from the Diagon Alley where you also meet a friend. In the school you are sorted to a house and then your journey begins! You start in the first year and as the game progress you’ll get into later years.

All in all this is a game I can recommend to try out. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you’ll definitely enjoy it.

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