Will there be Mac-Apps on the iPad this summer?

I feel so excited about this year’s Apple Keynote! Why might you ask? There are many reasons, which makes it all the more difficult to wait. There are rumors about a new Mac Mini, a Mac Pro (the real desktop version), new CPUs in MacBook lines and rumors about an updated iPad Pro! There’s also this really interesting rumor about interoperability between ALL Apple devices. So in the future, we might see things such as XCode on the iPad and mobile apps on the Mac. This is such exciting news in many ways!

I don’t think that I’ll buy any new computer this year, but I still think that it’s really interesting to know about the new products coming out. I’m also really interested in if I’d be able to program on a tablet, if so then I might look closer into the iPad Pro. Someday in the future when hopefully I’ll be a little richer, I’m thinking about either building my own computer or buying a Mac Pro (if there exist a modular version of it by then) and upgrade it to my liking.

I think that the Apple keynote will be particularly noteworthy this year. So take note of the date, I think it’ll be great.

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