New theme for the blog, I hope you’ll like it!

As you might see the blog has gotten a new theme. I thought that this was a needed change since the last style didn’t allow me to use pictures in the post without it looking really weird. So now you can expect more images and visual traits to future blog posts! I hope this will make the posts a little bit more interesting to read. If possible I’ll also try to add some featured images to earlier blog posts as well to give the blog a more consistent look.

I think that the design of the blog is important, it should give you as a reader a clear view of the content and it should be visually pleasing. I hope that the new appearance of the blog is to your liking. I’ll keep improving it here and there and perhaps change up the placing of some widgets and font styles. If you have any tips or ideas on how to design this blog then make sure to leave a comment! I’d really appreciate it.

Also for those of you who wonder, the theme I use now is called “Lovecraft”. I think this is really cool since I love his work.

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