Avicii is dead but he will always hold a fond place in my memories

I remember when I first heard Avicii on Spotify many years ago. But it wasn’t only on this music streaming service that I could hear him at this time. I was 15 or 16 and Avicii was about to release some of his greatest songs such as levels, you make me, wake me up and many more. I remember hearing the songs in the halls and in the classrooms of my high school. If my high school year would have a theme song I think it would be a song by Avicii, and probably the song levels.

Even after high school I’ve been listening to his songs on the radio and I’ve always thought that his songs sound particularly great. It’s the kind of songs that you want to raise the volume when they come on. But now he’s dead, and it comes to me as quite a shock and I can’t really seem to understand it. I feel a bit sad about it because I know that he had so many more songs to give to the world. But I do know that he will always have a fond place in my memories, his songs will forever be an integral part of my high school years.

Via: Authentic


  1. So sad that he died at such a young age. Apparently he had been open about a number of health problems, though I had no idea. His music was great, have you heard the Nilsofficial remix of Wake Me Up? It’s amazing.


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