Ryzen 2400G, a great (APU) processor when on a budget

I might be a bit late but I just found out that the Ryzen 2400G has been released. With its VEGA 11 graphics and 4 core CPUs with a 3.9GHZ turbo boost at only 1500 SEK, I think the world of performance and gaming have entered the budget market! You who know me probably know that I like to look at new technology and I often think of different ways to build computers to achieve high performance to a low price, but more frequently recently also about what systems that give you the best experience for the buck.

When looking at a new portable computer I think that the overall experience is what should be considered, which is why the MacBook (Pro) line is highly ranked by me (and others). But when it comes to a stationary computer I think that efficiency and future-proofness should be highest ranked, since all other features are bought as peripherals anyway.

When I see the Ryzen 2400G I see a way to get around the inflated prices of GPUs which has been the case of the market lately. It will enable those who want a reasonably priced computer that still can do everything an expensive computer can (at least to some extent) a chance to build a computer which can do just that. I have mainly used a laptop throughout the recent years of my life, and my latest one, a DELL E5550 sporting a 5300U CPU is actually quite capable. It compresses zip files, manages thousands of simultaneous threads (over 7400 to be somewhat exact), play games at 720p (with the help of an 830M GT GPU). The 2400G in comparison to my system has more CPU cache, much higher clock speed and the Vega 11 graphics comparable to a Radeon M280X, is a lot more potent than my 830M graphics card.

Sure I’m comparing my laptop to this stationary system. This is not really a fair comparison but it does allow you to see that the amount of power you get when buying the 2400G is very high for all common use. I think that if you are thinking about buying a new computer or upgrade to something future proof, this APU is the way to go. It will allow you to start small and skip the GPU while still allowing you to play games and run all programs you want. Since the CPU part of the APU is still really good it will enable you to run at higher quality and FPS by adding a GPU when there are sufficient funds to do so.

If you want to look further into this APU here’s a video with a budget 500$ build and benchmarks of how it fares in games.

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