When clothes are too small there’s a need to replace them

Today I’ve been to Vingåkers Factory Outlet and bought some clothes. It was a good thing too since I’ve been training a lot lately and have been growing out of many of my clothes. I’m the kind of guy that tries to use my stuff for a long time and don’t usually throw things away until they are really worn out. But since I had to make an exception this time and change some of my clothes because of growing out of them I bought quite many pieces.

So today I’ve bought a new spring jacket, 3 new sweaters, 1 sports sweater and one shirt. The spring jacket was really difficult to pick and I chose between several different ones, two blue jackets, one red and one which could be converted to a bag. In the end, I went with my gut feeling and chose the one which felt like “my jacket”. I usually use this tactic when shopping clothes, I look at the different clothes and if I see one that I feel like I could mistake for being mine, then it’s a sign that I like it and I often end up buying it.

There were a lot of cool stuff at the factory outlet and if you’re close by then I’d recommend going there and see if you find something. The things I got were:

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