My new Sony MDR-1000X headphones rules!

After walking around without a good headset for a long time now I finally decided to get a really good pair of headphones. I used to have a pair of really good Sennheiser when I was 14 until I was 18 which had a great base, distinct middle registers and overall a really good sound. Then I used to wear my headset almost all the time and eventually the cord broke after all wear and tear. Since then I’ve used a lot of different headsets, one which was good named the Razer Kraken, but that had a very game-y feel to it and even the cord to that wore out after a little while when used outside. I’ve had a lot of in-ear headphones and different cheap headsets (and a few not that cheap ones). But I couldn’t really enjoy my music as I had done before, the base was not booming, the middle and high register was “only” fine and didn’t send shivers down my spine when playing epic pieces.

So now I finally took action and went and bought a really good pair of headphones. The Sony MDR-1000X, and I must say that the experience is truly amazing! After having survived for so long with mediocre base and a very “just decent” sound experience it was very refreshing to finally hear my music with such an immersive sound. The Sony headphones also include a lot of cool features such as touching the right side of the headphones to adjust volume, change tracks, pause or play etc. I was amazed since in the store I got to try the functionality without knowing them before, and it just clicked, no learning required. I didn’t even get to know how to change stuff, the controls were just so logical that I got it right when guessing what would be logical. The headphones also include incredibly good noise canceling and I tried using them in the same room as a TV and I couldn’t hear the TV at all.

This is a great set of headphones and I would like to recommend them to everyone seeking a really great musical experience and want to be able to use noise canceling in loud environments. I believe that this headset also will be able to last for a long time since they are Bluetooth enabled and I don’t need to exchange them due to a cord braking.

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