Limelight – a story about a drummer boy

To get in the mood for this story I’m about to tell you, it’s a good idea to start this song: Limelight – Rush (1981). This is a song with great relevance for the drummer boy.

This story is about a drummer boy. He started drumming long before he can now remember, but from old photos, he has seen how he started playing congas and other drums you play with your hand as early as when he was just 2 or 3 years old. In school, he was always drumming with the pencils or on the tables or on any object close by really.

In middle school, he got to try the drum set and could immediately tell that there’s where he belonged. All the lessons where he could choose where to play he chose the drums. In late middle school, he started a new school, here the teacher liked people who could play and perhaps not disliked the rest, but he didn’t give them much attention. Here he really shone when playing the drums, one of his best friends shone when playing the bass. They ended up in dedicated roles during the lessons and mainly played those instruments, but it didn’t matter a lot to them being stuck in those roles, in fact, they enjoyed it.

They played a lot together, so much in fact that they eventually got together with some other cool dudes and formed a band. The band did a few songs with at most about 50 or so spectators, but after a few original songs created by the lead singer, the band dispersed. But this was not the end for the drummer boy, the music teacher needed help in the big school play and the drummer boy got to play for over 500 people two years in a row. The second year he was included in more than 3 bands.

The drummer boy had very kind parents who got him into a culture school with drum lessons. Parallel with the middle school, for one evening every week the drummer boy went to the drum lessons in the culture school. It wasn’t private practice but two other people were there. One was the lead singer in the band which now wanted to learn to play drums, the other was a girl with red hair who liked rock and had Cheap Monday headphones. The drummer boy remembers that he thought she was cool.

During practice, the drummer boy evolved a lot in his drumming skills. His teacher Mikael saw his passion for it and was stunned that he learned so fast. It was often the case that he showed the basics to all three and then when the drummer boy nailed the beat on the first tries he got to learn some more advanced beats. The drummer boy really liked going to these lessons which continued for many years all the way into high school, in which the drummer boy, unfortunately, got too much to do to be able to keep going.

During high school, the drummer boy tried to find his way just like all the other teens in high school. He was in the nature program and couldn’t really play a lot of music, he tried other instruments and learned some guitar and piano and bass in his free time. He was able to pick two short courses in music and of course did so, these courses would help him survive high school. During a few events, some students in the school not related to his own class needed help with finding a drummer. The drummer boy offered to play at their concert, he did so and thus helped them perform for quite a lot of people in the school auditorium.

Nowadays the drummer boy hasn’t been able to play for quite a while. He still drums at objects that are close to him from time to time, and in the future, he’ll most certainly get a drumset. You have yet to see the end of a drummer boy, his journey has still just begun.

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