Hey guys, I just got officially selected to attend the Nordic Master Programme!

So today something interesting happened, I got an email in which I was informed that I am now officially selected for the Nordic Master Programme in Intelligent Software Systems (NISS) with an 800 Euro/month grant for the entire period of 9 months. The only steps left before I’m officially accepted is to accept the offer, send a list of courses to their coordinator and fill some additional application forms.

Tomorrow I’ll see if I can finish all of the last formalities. After that, I’ll just have to sign the grant agreement and then I’m formally and officially accepted to the NISS program! Now I’m very excited about all this and it will feel so good when I get to sign the last paper. After that, all formalities regarding NISS are done and I’ll just have to look forward to the adventure of going abroad! (Erasmus+ is though not fully completed but will hopefully be so very soon as well.)

The full process has not been too hard so far, it started with:

  1. Showing interest in going abroad and getting in touch with the counselors.
  2. Let the counselors guide you and choose a country (if you have not done so already) and choose studies which you will like.
  3. Get data from previous studies, personal information, emergency contacts etc.
  4. Let the counselors help you with where and how to send it.
  5. Wait for a response and if needed send extra information.
  6. If you are selected do any past actions and then sign the papers.

This might sound like much but since you are guided through it, it doesn’t feel so intimidating when you’re doing it. If you are interested in going abroad, be it for specific studies that can only be found there, the weather or just for the adventure and experiences of it, I really think you should try applying!

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