Stay a while and listen!

It would seem that Deckard Cain, the horadric scholar which accompanied you all the way through the Diablo series will now also be a part of Heroes of the Storm! If you haven’t played the game yet, it’s a game in which all different characters and settings from the different Blizzard games collide. The characters can then fight in this new arena called the Nexus and the rest of the game is very much like any MOBA game.

I remember getting all psyched when I first heard about it and I actually got Beta access to the game many years ago. During that period in my life, I did not have much time for gaming so I did not play much, but I have tried it several times now and then since.

One of the main things I liked about the game was the updated graphics for many different settings and heroes. To see Warcraft III units move around with this kind of graphics and even be intermingled with other creatures from my other favorite games was great. One of the main things I disliked with the game was the lack of a story. Sure you might say, it’s a MOBA what did you expect, no canon story could ever be created for it, but that’s not what I’m meaning. To be able to do some story mode even if it was just user added campaigns or whatever would suffice. The environments look so great and the characters too, and with just some world editing it would almost be like having some kind of Warcraft 4, only almost better since even more creatures from other worlds could be there as well.

I remember that in the Beta there was actually a small campaign-like 3 map adventure in which you played as Raynor (or at least I think it was Raynor). You were being helped by Uther Lightbringer and had to fight some ambient creatures and then Diablo as a boss. It was short and it certainly wasn’t canon to any of the other universes, but I thought it was great!

So the game is perhaps not the kind of game which I would imagine Warcraft 4 to be and there is no story mode, but it’s still a really good one. And now when Deckard Cain is in it it’s even better. So if you haven’t tried it yet I think you should give it a go, you might just like it. Oh, and it’s free as well.

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