So much nostalgia and memories of my awesome grandmother due to the NES Classic Edition

Ever since I first saw it about 2 years ago, I’ve been wanting this bad boy so much. I’ve got loads of memories of the NES which I used to play on all the time when sleeping at my grandmother’s place as a kid. I vividly remember playing spy vs spy, ice climbers, super Mario bros 1 and 3 and doctor Mario.

My grandmother is a lot better at tech than you’d imagine that a grandmother would be. Nowadays she’s got an iPhone, uses apps and often talks about technology. She’s also (at least used to) be really good at playing games on the NES. I especially remember how I and my little brother used to lose hard when competing with her on doctor Mario, which was her favorite game.

The favorite game of me and I believe my little brother was Super Mario Bros 3. We used to play it almost all the time and I remember how we really sucked at it at first but then started to get to ever later levels. The first time we defeated a Koopa, the angry sun, the ghost castles it just felt really amazing (probably since it then took us a lot of tries)… All the varieties of difficult enemies made the game so much fun.

This new mini NES have almost all of the games I have ever played on the NES, and even though I’m actually born after the NES generation this was still the console I grew up with. I have many fond memories and when the NES classic edition was canceled in Sweden early last year I was quite devastated. It was if the anticipation of playing it all again were hauled from me. But now it seems that it’s coming back!

I really hope it does and if so I’m certainly going to buy it!


NES Classic
NES Classic Edition

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