Erasmus+ application finally completed and I’m one step closer to Finland!

So now the Erasmus+ application have been completed and sent in, now we’ll just have to see if there will be any complementary attachments to send in later. The Erasmus+ application is an application which will allow me to get a further grant for the studies abroad in Finland. It’s also a good opportunity to meet other people both in Västerås and abroad that is taking a year in another country. I think that by meeting people in the same position as you, the understanding and feel of the community can increase.

So what is Erasmus+? It’s a European program of international cooperation and exchange. It has the intention to increase growth, occupation and social equality between the EU-nations. One of the activities in Erasmus+ is mobility which allows students and teachers to go on exchange years and increase competence and experience.

I am lucky enough to have gotten a lot of help with the application by the international counselor which guided me through the entire process. If you are or are going to be a student at MDH (or another university) and are thinking about going abroad, then talk to your international counselor. Chances are that the destination you want to go to can be funded by a grant or at least give you the right to take CSN. It’s also an adventure you’d not want to skip out on.

Stay tuned for more information about the process soon.

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