Creativity can be fickle, but there is a way to become more actively creative!

No matter if I’m writing programs, if I’m writing stories or if I’m writing on my blog I think that creativity is the most important part of all steps of the process. I use creativity to see and analyze the surroundings and find a problem or a story to write down, sometimes with an intention to solve it and sometimes just to describe the problem or story which I see. I use creativity to find a solution to the problem or to write down the story in an interesting way. In longer texts or bigger problems, this might take a lot of time and many sub-problems or story twists need to be creatively or analytically found. But even analytic thinking depends a lot on creativity.

Many times I have just depended on creativity to come to me, but I have found that this way of thinking makes you passive. When your flow is over your creative content stop, the story or problem you’ve been working on stop, sometimes long before completed. I think it’s a better idea to be actively creative, keep on writing when the flow stops or at least actively try to find a way to kickstart your creative flow once more. I usually do this by looking at other peoples content, not with the intent to copy it but with the intent to learn more or see something from a new perspective. This might help spark your creativity once more. I have also realized that my creativity easily awakens by listening to music, going by bus and looking out the window and imagining all the stories happening out there, or just watching movies. Often by watching interesting movies, going to art galleries or just surround yourself with creative ideas in any other ways, you have a high chance to kickstart your creative flow. Even if it takes some time and the process of spark creativity looks different to all, just try to get out there and actively pursue it.

By looking at other peoples creative works, read about different ideas and actively thinking about different concepts and stories, you’ll hone your creative thinking and thus your active creativity. I think that this way of life will help you write more and more frequently, and it’s also a lot of fun!



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