Looking at things can be a great way to plan or waste time

I often find myself looking at different things. It can be a new musical instrument such as a banjo, an accordion, a keyboard or some drums. It can be different furniture or things that make sense that I might need such as clothes or kitchen apparel. But most often I look at different kinds of electronics. I don’t know why I do it, but it’s like I instinctively enter the website to the electronics store when I start my browser, no matter if it’s on my laptop or on my phone.

Most often I look at computers, computer parts, other gaming devices or games. I’ve had this habit for many years now and in a sense, it’s a good one. By doing it I learn about the new parts that exist and can see how things change over time. The bad thing about the habit is that most of the time I’m not in a place in life where I have the possibility to buy the item I look at. As a student, I seldom have the finances to buy it either. The time I spend looking at things take a lot of time which could have been spent doing other things.

Sometimes I dream or plan what I could be buying when I’m done with school when I’m working and get more free time (or at least a clearer divide of free time and work time). Many times these plans are just speculations or thoughts and not something I’ll actually be able to buy. Computers change every year and even if I plan to buy something now, chances are it will be obsolete when I actually get to the point when I can buy it. Sometimes I plan to buy a gaming laptop, but the case still remains that I will not have time to play much until later and then there will be other laptops to look at.

I think that sometimes it can be a good idea to just allow yourself to dream a little, or to plan for a later date. And if you have the money to buy something in the near future, it’s a smart move to check out many options. But I think it’s a good idea to not plan to specifically for a time too far ahead into the future. Chances are that you’ll have to plan it all over again when you get there and the time spent planning the first time could instead be spent doing something to get you to where you want to be in the future.

via Daily Prompt: Warning

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