Walk at red rock

Today was a calm day at my parent’s house which started with a great Easter brunch. There were herring, egg and cheese sandwiches and other things you’d expect in an easter meal. After brunch, we decided to take a walk at red rock. This is a place in Gothenburg that is famous for its red rock, which might not feel like much of a surprise. During the walk, I found some quite interesting things to take photos of, and I only took one picture of the red rock.

During the trip, we also went by car through different areas in Gothenburg. We looked at a distance from different places where my parents had lived and been to when they were young. It’s quite interesting really, how some areas change and how some seem to remain mostly the same over the ages. But I think buildings are just that, buildings. And it’s what we do in the places and the memories we create there that remain.

Soon I will make tacos with my little brother, which I look forward to a lot. Later this evening I will meet my dear friend Markus who I meet all too seldom. I think it’s great when I’m able to meet both family and friends on my visits to Gothenburg. Even if it’s just briefly you’re able to catch up with each other, talk about what’s happening in our lives and just play games or music like in the old times. Well, some things really do remain the same over the ages.

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