Hurray! Steam released Curse of Monkey Island

Something awesome has just happened, The Curse of Monkey Island has just been released on Steam! When I first saw that it had been released I felt how my heart started racing. Why? Because in my opinion, this is THE BEST (point and click) adventure game out there!

The game is a pirate adventure in which you play as Guybrush Threepwood. In the game, you will have to travel through many different islands, find and talk to different pirates and ultimately fight the arch nemesis LeChuck. All while experiencing some of the best artwork and groovy music in a perfect piraty environment!

I remember how I used to play it back in the days when I was perhaps eight years old. I didn’t understand much then but I remember that I really enjoyed the cartoonish figures and the music and adventure, even though I didn’t ever get much further than the second chapter. As I grew older I tried the game at different ages and after a while, I actually completed the game (thanks to teamwork with my little brother).

When I was in my mid-teens my family went to a trip to Fuengirola (my grandmother was from the area). I had the interest to improve my Spanish and in a trip to Malaga, I found The Curse of Monkey Island in Spanish! I played it through and since I knew what the different characters said at different places I could learn some Spanish. To be honest I thought it was really good but I liked the voice more in English.


So if you havn’t played the game before I can very much recommend it. Try it and I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed!

Link to buy it on Steam:

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