Hello and welcome to my personal website and blog domain! The purpose of this site is threefold, it’s a place where I can vent my thoughts in my two different blogs, a place where I’ll try to help my peers at academia and a place where I’ll show you different projects that I’m working on.

So why two blogs? Well during the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019 I’ll be going on an exchange year to Finland. I do this through the NISS program and in the NISS blog I’ll try to document some of my experiences of the exchange year. In my other general blog, I’ll write more freely, about my daily thoughts or about games I like, or anything really.

The way I will try to help my peers is to provide some different courses in the form of textual posts, documents and videos. I’ve been in your positions for many years and trying to learn something new for the first time can be a daunting task, and many times I know that I would have appreciated any help I could get. I’ve also worked (and sometimes work) as a lab assistant for many years and I’d love to be able to continue helping students even after my own studies are complete.

And about the projects, I’m working on, they’ll probably mostly be small project hosted on GitHub. But since I’ve got so much going on there may not be any updates for some time or you may simply just want to know about the finished products when they actually exist. For you guys whom this apply for I’ll tell you about any major projects on this site.

So stay a while and read, I hope you’ll find something that is to your liking! If you like what you see then please click the “Follow” button to the right (or below if you’re on the phone), that would really make my day! 🙂